With this perfect skin care routine, you can say goodbye to all the zits and sun spots that appears on your face. It’s completely normal to have a bad day with your skin, so don’t fret the acne, they can smell fear and that’s when they start appearing. Relax and de stress all your nerves and enjoy being a pretty bride on your special day.We have all had this phase in the beginning of our teenage years. Puberty hits hard and our face decides to join the party. The acne starts showing up and that’s the end of our social life. We can all relate to the troubles of deep acne all over the face. I’m sure most of us at least once in our life tried applying toothpaste on our acne because someone recommended it and those awkward moments when people state the obvious ‘maybe you should trying washing your face always’ and we acne victims know we do more than any other human being in the world. But there have been times when we go wrong with our skin care routine. So, here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t try on your face.

Breaking acne

Yes, we’ve all had the desire to pop that huge mountain on our face but did you know that your little moment of happiness can last a lifetime. Popping your zits can cause more zits to appear in your face. Your face will have a scar and it takes forever to fade away. Your nails are the house of germs and your acne is a welcome mat full of germs. This combination can last a lifetime of regret. So, watch out the next time you decide to pop your pimple.


Your makeup brushes haven’t been washed over for a year and you use the same towel as your body to wipe your face. This is a huge call for zits and dryness on your face. The face is the most sensitive part of your skin and that’s why you have to take extra measure’s to keep your face clean and clear.

Sleeping with makeup

You woke up the next day with your eyelash extensions still on and this is calling for trouble. It’s okay to look nice and fancy on the party but however much tried and sleepy you are, you need to make sure you wash away all the makeup. Unnecessary dryness on the face is caused by sleeping with makeup on. Visit this link http://no13thebeautyavenue.com.au/eyelash-extension/ for more info on eyelash extensions Potts Point.

Don’t try new products

The market’s full of different brands and ingredients. The best advice you should follow is not to use up every product that a friend recommends you. Products with natural ingredients are your best option. But products that has too many chemicals and words behind the bottle that you cannot understand could be bad for your skin.

Don’t over do

It’s okay to overdo if it’s threading and waxing Double Bay every time your hair grows back but don’t over cleanse your face every time you go out in the sun. Your face will be dried and will lose all the moisture in them. Don’t wash and exfoliate 5 times a day, doing it once a day is more than enough.This is your ultimate guide for things you shouldn’t do when paying attention to your face. Always remember to wash your face and you use a separate face towel. Keep your makeup brushes clean and tidy. In a few months, you will be able to see the difference.