We all have seen TV commercials that show how well each of those products advertised, may it be soap, body wash, gels or creams would smoothen out your skin just like how dew drops would fall off rose petals and it’s also true that we all would go from an average skin mind to an absolutely beautiful supermodel mind after 10 minutes of such commercials and then our bubble of hope pops when we feel that it’s not even possible in real. Although it might not be completely true, it can be achieved with a bit of effort. Nothing comes easy in life and so do skin.

Different people try different things to get smooth skin, some would do permanent hair removal, some will do peel off and cleansing treatments while some will go for a Brazilian wax in Gold Coast, or anywhere that has a good reputation for skin treatment. Most people have a problem when it comes to waxing as there happens to be a time period when the hair is not grown enough to be waxed but you still have to wear short clothes or open clothes, then waxing is not an option anymore.

The biggest problem is that when you shave, it doesn’t remove the hair from its roots but just cut it from the surface and even after shaving, you can still see the hair follicle in a dark shadow tone. Therefore when you compare shaving with waxing results, definitely the second option seems to be better off as it also works as a method of exfoliation and leaves your skin smooth and clean. This also results in the hair growth process to slow down as the hair takes times to grow out from the root to the tip.

If you are someone who has never done a Brazilian waxing in Gold Coast then it’s always better to be aware of what to expect in choosing that over shaving. If you have shaved at least once in your life time, you probably already know that it doesn’t hurt at all but with waxing the story is a little different. When you go to a salon, they’ll usually put toner or some disinfectant on your skin. Then depending on whether you choose a soft or hard wax, hot or cold wax the person will apply it all over you hair removal area. Then when they pull it out, your skin tends to hurt a bit but after the process it won’t be tingling or itchy at all. A little skin redness can be expected for a while if you have a super sensitive skin otherwise the skin will not be red or whatsoever due to the waxing process.

It’s always important to know that your skin must be treated well, cleansed and moisturized well to keep it healthy and smooth at all times and just one or two treatments cannot bring a huge difference and even if it does, better not to choose ones with drastic results. Your skin, keep it wonderful.