Are you looking for a job? Do you feel bummed because you don’t want to work under anyone; yet don’t have the finances to own your very own commercial building? If so; don’t feel this way any longer! Here are our experts’ job recommendations where you would not need a permanent place of work…

  • Freelance writing – in todays world, we don’t know a lot of people who don’t own a laptop or a stable internet connection. And the best part about being a freelance writer is that that is all (apart from a talent for writing, of course) you would need. The great thing is that you also have a large variety or “jobs” to choose from. If you are still in college, you can “help” you class mates with their homework and assignment; for a fee. If you know of anyone preparing for interview; professional CV creating. You can even be the ghost writer of someone’s story, or the words behind someone’s love poems! And for this; you need no commercial building.
  • Makeup on the go – have you always been someone interested in doing someone’s bridal makeup? If you have the equipment, and are willing to drive over, then you can try your hand at being a mobile bridal hair and makeup in Melbourne. Yes, you might encounter things like not having proper lighting and mirrors in jobs like this; but you can preplan for this. This too is a job you don’t need a commercial building for.
  • Photographer for events – have you heard of social photographers? They are those who take picture of everything from corporate events to birthday parties. If you have no interest in hair and makeup, and an interest and talent for photography, then this could be your calling. Like the freelance writing job, here too all you would need is your camera, your laptop for editing and your internet for contacting and then handing over your photos to your clients.
  • Transcribing – what do you do if you are not the most talented person you know? It is our personal opinion that no one is born talentless; but that it only takes time for people to identify their talents. However, if you are yet to identify your talents, and want to work, yet don’t have a commercial building, then we suggest giving transcribing a try. You can, without a doubt, work with a company. But if you are still a college student, or someone wanting to earn a little on their spare time, then this job can be done online as well. And like we said, this job has no need for you to own a commercial building! If you are interested about local makeup artist you can visit this website
  • Party planning – are you known for your fun and eventful parties? Do you know where to get the best party food in town; that too for cheaper? Do you have the contacts to get you the latest blends of drinks? Are you friends with DJs who know how to rock a party? If you answered yes to all of these; then consider a career as a party planner. This is a job that can be done via smartphone; and again, does not require that you have a commercial building of your own.